Badam Halwa

Friends and family love the chewy
goodness of this almond

Moong Ladoo

Children love the sensation of softly sinking their teeth into the wholesome goodness of pulses and nuts (ah, yes... almonds again, among others!) gently rolled into golden-hued balls. Oh, moong!

Boondi Ladoo

Every boondi is crisp and yet soft and… oh, so deliciously moist and fresh! Filled with nuts, this as-traditional-as-it-gets ladoo is best had with the eyes closed to savour its goodness.

Mondy Jalebi

We call it so for its uniqueness. Covered in almond flakes and with a tinge of natural red from the saffron and a shade of yellow from the dal, it is crispy, crunchy and yet soft. Close your eyes and feel the flavour of saffron and the syrup gently emerging from its inner depths. Mmmmm!


Also called Badushahi, it is soft, fleshy and pleasingly sweet, as per tradition and evolving preferences. Try with nutty-rich Mondy Mixture or Ribbon Murukku and with hot cardamom tea. We love the combination!

Kaju Katli

Deliciously soft, the Kaju Katli awakens the senses. Enjoy the indescribable fusion-fragrance of cashew and saffron. Nibble, nibble!

Milk Mysore Pak

Delicate and ethereal, the Milk Mysore Pak opens up a debate – should we sink the teeth into it, length-wise or breadth-wise? Loaded with milk and with a strong suggestion of cardamom, it is as unique in taste as unique can be.

Mondy Mixture

Crunch, crunch… the combination of cashew nuts, almonds and crispy strands made of gram flour has been a long-time-favourite evening snack. Why? The secret is out at Mondy Cheer!



As traditional as it gets... this golden-brown savoury, also known as Chakli, is almost impossible to describe. Is it the texture, the flavour, the aroma or a mysterious mix of all three that makes it a family favourite? Dunno, really! We've been trying to figure it out for long.



Delicately fried spicy fritters with a twist... oh, the aroma!

Idli in a box

Four fluffy idlis, with two covered in our very own preparation of mildly spicy powder and two to be had with fresh coconut chutney.

The crispy Vada and our signature Badam Halwa add to the explosion of tastes and flavours.

Ragi Ribbon

Catch the flavour of ragi (finger millet) in this delicately fried snack and enjoy its wholegrain, fibre-rich goodness. Nom, nom!

Sukku Kaapi

The fusion of dry ginger, black pepper, clove, cardamom, cumin and coriander seeds steeped in hot water and mixed with jaggery makes for a feel-good, health-promoting beverage. Try it after having ‘Idli in a Box’!

Cardamom Tea

We recommend you try it with the fritters.